Job Descriptions

Comprehensive Planning Section:

MRT transport net planning, route & station planning, environment impact planning, operation planning & financial plans etc.

Civil Engineering and Architecture Section:

Engineering management affairs, engineering budget and schedule management contracting, quality management, progress and environment monitoring etc.

Construction Management Section:

MRT construction survey, measurement, drilling, design, stationing, construction of supplementary buildings, landscape design, material specifications, construction management, etc.

Electrical and Mechanical Systems Engineering Section:

Automobile, operating monitoring, power, communication, facility & special care repair, automatic fare collection, monitoring and SCADA, platform doors, rails, hydroelectricity control, elevator & escalator control planning, design, procurement, manufacture, installation, testing, auditing, system, guarantee, system integration, operation tests, acceptance tests (IV&V) management affairs etc.

Land Development Section:

Acquirement of MRT usage land, right-of-way management, land development and management of development agreements

Finance and Asset Management Section:

MRT resource financing, budget control, MRT asset management and railway construction development fund management affairs etc.

Secretariat Office:

File management, official letter management, general affairs, printing, cashier, procurement, asset management, law, research & evaluation, Information management, public relations, press release, general business & other affairs not under other sections or offices.