MRT Brown Line

Route Map

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List of station names and locations

NoLocationStation TypeTransfer Route
BRH01Taoyuan district Taoyuan train stationsky-railwayAble to transfer to Taiwan Railway Taoyuan station and Taoyuan MRT green like G07 station
BRH02close to gueishan district 2nd section wan sho road and sports areasky-railway
BRH03close to the intersection between gueishan district 2nd section wan sho road and Datung roadsky-railway
BRH04close to the intersection between gueishan district 2nd section wan sho road and Cheng shing roadsky-railway
BRH05close to the intersection between gueishan district wan sho road and Bao shi streetsky-railway
BRH06close to the intersection between gueishan district wan sho road and Da dong bridge roadsky-railway
BRH07close to the intersection between gueishan district section 1 wan sho road and long hua streetsky-railway
BRH08in front of the xinchuang depo at zhongzen road, Xinchuang citysky-railwayable to transfer to Taipei metro Wanda line and xinchuang-hueilong station

(Currently, as the station locations have not yet been finalized, they are for reference only and still subject to the future project approval results)

Route Instruction and Introduction

(The following information regarding the plan has yet to be confirmed and should be used as reference only. The final confirmation should be based on the overall planning approved by the central government)

  1. Origin: The purpose of construction of metro lines connecting Taoyuan urban area with Taipei, is to established a safe, fast and convenient Taoyuan urban metro network and improve the transportation quality of public transport, stimulate economic development and achieve power saving and carbon reduction.
  2. Purposes: the MRT routes linking the Taoyuan metropolitan area with Taipei are to be constructed, in the hope of establishing a safe, rapid, and convenient MRT network in the Taoyuan metropolitan area, improving the quality of public transportation in the Taoyuan area, alleviating the serious deterioration of the service level of the existing road system, reducing the use of private vehicles, enhancing transportation safety, promoting regional economic development and achieving the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction.
  3. Benefits: In order to allow Taoyuan citizens to use the MRT brown line to transfer to Taipei MRT Zhonghe–Xinlu line and Wanda–Shulin line in reaching the Greater Taipei area can strengthen the connection between New Taipei City's Xinzhuang and Taoyuan and boost the urban industry function of the corridor.
  4. Content: The starting line of this project lies on connection of transit of the east side of Taiwan Railway Taoyuan station and G07 station of TY Metro. It travels along section 2~3 of Wanshou Rd., turns to section 1 of Dongwanshou Rd. and continues along Zhongzhen Rd. of Xinzhuang until it reaches Huilong maintenance plant and connects with Zhonghe–Xinlu line and Wanda–Shulin line, totaling 11.5 km. The total budget cost is 19.558 billion, self-liquidation rate of 31.29%, central government subsidy of 8.243 billion, 5.173 billion for Taoyuan City government and self-liquidation sum of 6.142 billion.



(二)現刻正辦理綜合規劃工作事宜 ,未來將考量棕線與地下化之臺鐵桃園站、綠線G07站銜接及龜山區都市發展,將部分路段(市區)地下化納入評估規劃,預計於可行性研究通過後2年核定綜合規劃、綜合規劃奉行政院核定後8年完工通車。