Metro Green Line

Route Map

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List of station names and locations

No.LocationStation TypeTransfer Route
G01Bade district urban enlargement plan area, close to jiande road and Shing Feng RoadSky-railwayFuture plans include connecting green line to zhong li train station
G02Nearby the intersection of Jianguo Rd. and Xinpi Rd. (originally living circle No. 6 Rd.) of Bade districtSky-railway
G03Bade district 2nd section jieshou road Ma yuan areaUnderground
G04Close to the intersection between Bade 1st section jieshou road and huping roadUndergroundFuture plans connecting green line to Taipei MRT Sanying station.
G05Close to the intersection between bade district 1st section jieshou road zhong yung west road.Underground
G06Close to the intersection between Taoyuan district jieshou road and jieshin streetUnderground
G07Taoyuan district yian ping road Taoyuan Train stationUndergroundFuture plans and railroad grade separation
G08In front of Taoyuan district zhongzen road yung le marketUnderground
G09Close to the intersection between Taoyuan district zhongzen road and min guang roadUnderground
G10Close to the intersection between Taoyuan district zhongzen road and d axing west roadUndergroundFuture plans to connect with orange line at 14 station
G11Close to the intersection between Taoyuan district zhongzen road and nanping roadUnderground
G12The underground of agricultural land close to the intersection between Taoyuan district zhongzen road and tong an streetUndergroundFuture plans to allow transfer at Nankan transit station
G13Close to the intersection between Luzu district zhongzen north road and nan zu roadSky-railway
G13aClose to the intersection between zhongzen north road and luzu roadSky-railway
G14Intersection between luzu district 2nd section nankang road and chang xing roadSky-railway
G15New roads alongside Taoyuan AerotropolisSky-railway
G16East side of new roads alongside Taoyuan AerotropolisSky-railway
G17West side of new roads alongside Taoyuan Aerotropolis-Sky-railway
G18Close to the A16 hengshan station on the blue lineSky-railwayFuture plans to connect with Airport MRT at A16 station
G31Close to the intersection between da yuan district 2nd section sanmin road and kenguo roadSky-railway
G32Close to the luzu district kengko village, blue line A11 kengko airport mrt stationSky-railwayPlanned to connect with Airport MRT at A11 station

Route Instruction and Introduction

  1. Origin: Taking into consideration, the vision of Taoyuan urban development and the metro needs of Taoyuan citizens, the overall planned route web uses 「目」 (Chinese character for eye) shaped networks as the construction structure, among which the green line corridor is the priority project for shared construction schedule with other major constructions or transportation constructions, and is thus listed as the priority.
  2. Benefits: The planning of the metro green line, Taiwan Railway Grade Separation and TY Metro direct transfer, fully display the benefits of Taoyuan Metro network. It will become the transportation basis connecting the Aerotropolis with the outside world as well as convenient transit for passengers. It meets the demands required for Taoyuan city's future urban and international reception.
  3. Content: the metro green line starts with Jiande Road of the Bade urban expansion project, going through Bade District Jieshou Road, Taoyuan District Jianguo Road, Yanping Road, and then passing by Taoyuan Railway Station, and heading along Taoyuan District Zhongzheng Road, Luzhu District Zhongzheng N. Road, Provincial Highway 4, and turns Kengguo Road before linking with Airport Access MRT Station A11. Moreover, the route diverges from Station G14 and goes west, and connects with Airport Access MRT Station A16. There are 21 stations (10 underground stations and 11 stereoscopic stations), with a total length of 27.8km. The total budget is 98.264 billion, with self liquidating ratio at 41.77%. The central government subsidy was 39.744 billion. Taoyuan city government paid 17.212 billion (including land usage fees), self-liquidation of 41.308 billion.

MRT Green Line - G01 Station Extension to Daxi

(The following planning information has not been finalized and is for reference only. It is still subject to the comprehensive plan approved by the Central Government)

  1. Brief route description and introduction
    (1) The Project's Origin:
    Daxi District is one of the most important tourist and recreational areas in Taoyuan, it is also a node connecting the North-Cross Island Highway in Fuxing District. Whenever there are rush hours and the incoming traffic is full of holiday passengers, traffic congestion occurs. The project links the MRT Green Line and the City's Metro route map to fully make use of its benefits, create quality public transportation services and the environment conducive to tourism to bring about the development of the City.

    (2) Project Contents:
    The Project feasibility study plans to extend from MRT Green Line G01 Station to Daxi Puding Transfer Station (presently the Puding Barracks area) with a corridor length of 4.0km. The critical analysis will examine the transportation needs from Bade to Daxi and consider the overall urban development, the Daxi District's public transport and transportation planning along the topographic line, engineering feasibility, cost of construction, financial benefits and local people's opinion and so on. Propose a suitable route and a feasible scheme for the station.

    MRT Green LIne G01 Station / Puding Transfer Station
    Route Map
  2. Project Management Status

    (1) Since August 2017, the Government has handled the feasibility study of the MRT Green Line Extension to Daxi, it has been reviewed and has being completed revisions , Now is in the final processing period.

    (2) It is expected that the feasibility study report will be completed in 2019 and sent to the Central Government for deliberation and approval in 2020 while the comprehensive plan will be approved 2 years after the feasibility study is assessed and will be fully completed and opened to traffic 7 years after the approval of the comprehensive plan report.