Taoyuan Railway Underground Process

Route Map

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List of station names and locations

NameLocationStation TypeTransfer Route
Feng Ming StationAt the alleys of Da hu road, Yingge district, new Taipei cityUnderground
Taoyuan StationOriginal addressUndergroundTransfer lines at G07 station of the green line and BRH01 station of the brown line.
Zhong Road StatioClose to the intersection between 1st section Guoji road and Hong Chang 13 streetUnderground
Taoyuan General Hospital StationNext to yong feng road, close to zhong hua roadUnderground
Neili StationOriginal addressUnderground
Zhong Yuan StationNext to zhongyi roadUnderground
Zhong Li StationOriginal addressUndergroundTransfer lines at A23 station of TY Metro and GE07 station of the Green line.
Ping Jhen StationWest side of laojie riverUnderground

(Currently, as the station locations have not yet been finalized, they are for reference only and still subject to the future project approval results)


(The following information regarding the plan has yet to be confirmed and should be used as reference only. The final confirmation should be based on the overall planning approved by the central government)

  1. Origin: due to the fast development of the metropolitan area of Taoyuan and the rapid growth of the number of rail passengers, transport service facilities have been inadequate. According to the 2006 statistics, the number of passengers getting on or off trains at Taoyuan Station and Zhongli Station ranked second and third, respectively among all stations. For that reason, it is necessary to improve the railway in the Taoyuan metropolitan area.
  2. Purposes: the underground railway will link the both sides of the railway together, enable urban development to become more balanced, make land use more efficient, and present a renewal opportunity for the old development center.
  3. Benefits: this project takes account of the future Taoyuan public transportation system planning, cooperating with the original urban core development and connecting Taoyuan District with Zhongli District for the industrial life development belt. Overall, the underground railway is the mainstream public opinion of the city, the engineering technology is feasible, the economic benefit is greater than the cost, and the urban landscape can be improved.
  4. Content: The 「Taiwan Railway Urban Area Metro Conversion – Taoyuan Section Elevated Railway Construction Project Amendment to Underground Project」 purposed by the government has received the approval from the Executive Yuan on Jul. 31, 2018. In addition to the Taoyuan, Neili, Zhongli, 3 existing stations, 5 other stations - Fengming, Zhonglu, Yongfung, Zhongyuan and Pinchen have also be implemented. The overall length is 17.95 km, costing around 96.409 billion. Furthermore, Fengming station to Taoyuan City Pinchen station means the termination of 20 level crossing, 8 land bridges and 8 underground locations. A 25 meter wide corridor has been constructed above for cars, sidewalk or bike trails and light rail transport with details to be put into consideration during the general planning phase of the project. (The general planning has yet to be finalized and is currently just for reference purposes. Final details should be based on the announced results from the central government). The total budget is 96.409 billion (Taoyuan & New Taipei City), self-liquidation rate of 20.21%, central government subsidy in the sum 53.869 billion. Taoyuan government is responsible for 22.963 billion (including land usage fees), New Taipei City government is responsible for 1.409 billion (including land usage fees) and the self-liquidating sum is 18.168 billion.